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LomaBooks and the BookWhisperer...



LomaBooks is a special place. It does virtually what you would only expect from a local independent bookshop. You are our customers, and we hope to know you as well as if you were popping in to see us every day.

Because we know the type of books you like already, you can browse a selection of ever-changing titles, picked for you out of the best of the new titles being published. Mixed in there will be some old favourites, just-remembered, or never-forgotten. If something different comes to our notice we think you might be interested in, even if it doesn't feature in the best-seller lists, we will pop it in for you to have a look at.

We hope to give you lots of information on the titles we select... images and pictures from the insides of picture books, you-tube videos giving more information, or interviews with authors, links to excerpts from the books themselves, links to author websites and other places where you can get more information about the books before purchasing them

The selection will change at least monthly, more often if we find a bigger selection of new things to offer. We will offer special prices where we can, in the hope of tempting you, and please note that there is free local delivery.

Do let us know if there is anything you think is missing... and we will try to add it!

The BookWhisperer

The BookWhisperer came from an idea much discussed with some of our local customers while putting the website together. How wonderful, they said, if we could come in and talk with you, just as if you were the 'shop around the corner'. If you could take into account what I like reading, and what I hate reading, and suggest books just for me.

So, click on any of the links to the BookWhisperer, give us a few details about yourself, and we will create a special page just for you. On it we will recommend some of the books already featured on the main website, but there will also be books just for you, which no one else will see.

All will be able to be ordered just as easily as the books on the main selections. Your selection will change whenever you tell us you need new ideas, or whenever something comes up we think you will be interested in. You will be emailed a link to your special page whenever there are new titles for you to look at.

We hope this is a useful feature... and look forward to seeing lots of you sign up!