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Children 6-8

The Man Who Wore All His Clothes

The Man Who Wore All His Clothes

by Allan Ahlberg

  Price: £ 5.99

The first of Allan Ahlberg's mini-masterpieces for early readers.   

Welcome to the world of the Gaskitts! One morning Mr Gaskitt puts on all his clothes, Mrs Gaskitt picks up a robber in her taxi, Gus and Gloria have trouble with a teacher, Horace the cat goes to a friend's house to watch TV and the car radio gets things wrong. What follows is an action-packed, farcical romp as different plots interweave and end in a thrilling car chase with Mr Gaskitt saving the day!

These wonderful stories are perfect for the transition from picture book to reading book. Illustrated in full colour, and in a slightly larger size than normal, the laugh-out-loud exploits of the Gaskitt family have just been reissued.

To read on, click on the images below for the rest of the series:

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